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July 19, 2017


Check out a quick way on how to repurpose 1 piece of marketing into multiple pieces with little work and stress.

I am a huge advocate of trying to knock out a few birds with one stone. Ok I don't like killing birds but if you want to save time in your marketing check out this video. 


The Most Important Part Of Your Business Is Your Ability To Keep And Nurture Your Relationships With Others.

You may or may not know I just got back from closing out a mastermind in Vegas.

It was the first time I was a closer and I was so super excited to talk about some of the awesome stuff I learned.

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The WHY Beats Everything When Marketing Your Martial Art School.

Quick story, I recall starting Jiu Jitsu as a white belt.

I seemed to pick up a move called the clock choke really easy. It was my goto move. 

And it was a move I tapped higher belts with.

But for a long time I'd play my game hoping someone would turtle up to give me the opportunity to use it. 

I found myself letting good opportunities go by in hopes someone would turtle up so I can do the clock choke.

Well one time I was training with someone who anticipated this, and each time I went for it.

WHAM I'd be laying on my back over and over again. 

This was frustrating. After a while I become privy to the game he was playing so I started to adjust my game to accommodate his "death roll". 

And eventually it worked I was back to tapping people. 

But it wasn't until I learned why I was doing what I am doing and how I was getting put on my back each time that it became effective. 

It's all about the why in business. Martial Arts Marketing on all levels needs to be learned and taught the way. 

Any martial art itself you know why you are doing something. So it needs to be the same when it comes to martial arts promotion as well. 

Too many coaches teach people what to do.

What happens if I am not around? What happens is nothing. Exactly if you don't know why you are doing something --- Nothing happens.

Or the wrong things happen because you are applying what you think the right move is to the wrong time. 

Something I learned in Jiu Jitsu. 

The right move at the right time works.

The right move at the wrong time does not. 

This is simple but seemingly complex to grasp for many people.

Including myself at times. 

It's why knowing concepts will always beat all of the techniques and tricks out there.

It's why we stay teaching concepts over tricks and tips. Because it's concepts that will crush in the end and tips and tricks change from moment to moment. 

Let me relate this back to Jiu Jitsu the moment he started to grab my arm, when I didn't know what to do, I was left at the mercy of that horrible roll.

But once I realized how to position my weight, how to not do this but do that, and why I was doing it at that time. It all worked out. 

Business is just like this.

Knowing why you are doing something allows you to be in control.

It allows you to take back your marketing, and your hold and grasp on the conduit to make you cash. Over and over again. 

The same concepts I use to promote Dojo Muscle, are the same concepts I've used to sell the MA Video Blueprint, Dojo Videos, The Video Authority, Make Pixel Mobb the TOP goto Fitness Production Company in the game and crush it will sales and marketing.

The why doesn't change. The tips and tricks do. 

Become obsessed with the WHY.

P.s. The MA Video Blueprint we dropped the price back down to $37.

Take Back Your Marketing. Take Back Your Values.

About a few years ago I read a post about someone telling me I was full of shit for believing that not trying to sell so much and servicing people was a crock of nonsense. 

Fast forward today it's paid off greatly. 

These are the values my dad, my mom and my grandparents taught me when I was little.

It's the same values that my uncles and grand pop built successful businesses.

It's the same values that my grand pop took with him through WW2 and came home to work 3 jobs to do right for his babies. 

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Vet the consultants you get information from.

Make sure when you seek out “coaching” they actually did something with their own hands.

If they didn't work their asses off for it, I don't even want to know your name.

Matter of fact without the guy above you.

No one would know your name.

I love "entrepreneur coaches" who never actually were successful without the help of someone handing them success.

Number 2's acting like number 1's. Stay in your lane.

You should ask coaches these things:

What have you built with your own 2 hands?

What have you built with your own brain?

What have you taken from nothing to something without help or direction?

What have you seen fail to come back and overcome? 

If it's nothing they can stamp their name on and say THIS IS MINE I did that.

Mike Jack. Beat it.

At the end of the day if I am listening to anyone it's going to be the number 1. The Alpha.

Don't get me wrong. Number 2's are needed to operate the ship. I just don't think they need to pretend they are successful when they were handed it. 

They are really good at listening to number 1's and do what they say. 

Some are really good at being a cheerleader.

Really good at being the hype-man.

But they shouldn't act like they are a number one when you aren’t.

So before they coach anyone they should coach them self up a position.

cheerleader jumping

Create Your Content With Story Telling For Maximum Engagement.

In speaking to so many people who have already put into action the Martial Arts School Owner Video Content Creation Blueprint I am starting to see a pattern.

People are getting it!! Together we are creating a MOVEMENT.

Planning is a crucial part of your video creation.

One really important part of your planning process is to include a good ample amount of story telling.

You want to tell a story with emotion and impact via either your own story or others stories. Stories are the way we have communicated since the start of time. It is how we are able to connect to each other in a human way.

Human connection is the foundation of selling anything. Human connection is what makes us feel connected to one another.

When you use the power of story in your videos you keep the viewers brain working on the instinctual aspect of emotion and feelings.

This is where most sales come from. Yet too many people try to make their videos analytical. The lower end of the brain or the instinctual part of it makes decisions 7 seconds before your conscious does. You feel your way through a lot of things in life.

This is called hot cognition. In hot cognition people either love or disregard messages. Cold cognition is done in the neocortex. That part of the brain is highly sophisticated. It is highly analytical and extraordinary with what it does. Which is problem solve.

If your message gets kicked up to that part it moves away from emotion into analytical thinking. And up there your message has a way less shot of getting heard.

Because that part of your brain only analyzes without feeling it will never LOVE your video or message. It will only agree or disagree with your case and facts presented. Because of that we want to keep your videos and your marketing in the instinctual part as long as we can.

We do that by 3 things. Entertain, Inspire and Emotion.

If you can do 1 or all 3 of those things you will keep your message in the part of the brain that is run by emotion.

That is also where buying lives.

Obviously you want to do this in a non manipulating way.

But if you can connect to people on an emotional level over an analytical level you will connect much better and hold their attention MUCH much longer.

If this blog post helped you out give a comment below. 

4 awesome ways to combine offline and online marketing to explode sales.

Studies show that print marketing isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Matter of fact print marketing in conjunction with online marketing will reinforce further and set you apart as a small business when other competitors are using only one or the other. 

Diversification has always been the proud moniker of many investors in business. Such similar ideas should be when it comes to getting leads.

Placing all your eggs in one basket for leads is not smart. I know people who had entire industries pulled from under their feet because their entire business was built off the back of one lead generating solution. Instead it is much smarter to use multiple mediums to build your following. 

I have been saying this for many years now. Multiple mediums connect with people in a way that online alone can't.

Matter of fact email marketing while very promising pales in comparison to print marketings conversion rate.

There is still something very tactile that people love about books paper and the like. It is why Free Plus Shipping offers work so very well. Book sales have rose in the last 2 years, print materials are holding tight at a 66% market share measured by the CMI 2015 report. 

Print will never die.

Because too many people have been raised on print and print does not need a battery charge or anything similar. A book or a document you can take anywhere. 

So here are a couple of ways to use print and online together: 

1) trial card to drive a person to a landing page 

This is a direct marketing tactic that works pretty well. On your trial card that you hand out at events, or in various ways (via students) etc.

You direct them to a specific landing page (preferably a sales funnel page) that is specific to the exact program that is on the trial card.

Essentially you are using the trial card to get attention in the real world then to drive them to an online source where they can either sign up, opt in, make and appointment or buy a trial. 

2) Rack Card to a Blog Post - To a Landing Page. 

This is a form of soft selling. It takes more work and it does garner less leads. On the outside looking in you would think that's a bad thing. But in reality this is a very important thing in building email lists and prospect lists. Not all leads are created equal.

The great part of this concept is it warms up your prospects. By not trying to sell instantly to them. Instead you have a rack card with information about your program that primes the pump for an interested person to have their interest peaked. From there you send them over to a blog post.

That blog post is essentially more valued information that is going to shine a light on the problem and make the person away of the solution.

You then place your landing page link in the body of the blog post. The great part of this here is you can use a Facebook Pixel to retarget people who have visited that page with FB ads.

This does take a bit longer to gain leads from. BUT the leads you get are very warm and positioned to purchase from you. Plus you delayed the sale as long as possible. Building trust. 

NOTE: Having cohesion in all of your marketing is a huge deal. Too many school owners and business owners when using martial arts marketing, or any for of martial arts print marketing they literally have such a disjointed message. When things don't match like your home page and your landing page or print materials and online materials you break your message, confuse your viewer and do not build trust in their hearts.

3) Using customer on-boarding packages 

This is very popular and we have done this for many school owners such as Top Kick, Bushi Ban, Elite Martial Arts, Top Gun Karate, and One Martial Arts.

This is to use new student packages that have multiple documents. You can use sample folders and put in new student documents in them.

The great part of this is to include both ideas 1 and 2 as cards in these packages which will essentially get your offline prospect to come online and go down a sales funnel of their choice depending on what type of card they gravitate towards.

4) Using a free plus shipping offer
(this works good for informational products)

This concept works so well Facebook is looking to ban it. Everyone loves something that is tangible and free.

Free plus shipping is a bit tricksy. It makes someone believe they are getting something for free if they pay the shipping.

Often you lose a little money on this offer to make it back on the back end. But it does something that a lot of other offers don't. It qualifies that the person is an action taker. They opened their wallet for a small purchase that means that there is a very high chance they will open their wallet again.

The issue with free without any payment is it is very low risk for anyone who is interested in it to take it without much skin in the game. Having skin in the game or some investment even a very small one is how you can qualify if the person is really serious about using your services or someone who is just a tire kicker. 

These 4 ideas are actually old as can be, but just modified to incorporate online and offline business marketing practices into a cohesive whole that works.

We've seen it work, we've seen others use it, I've used it, and all of them work very well to move people down a sales funnel. 

Light Bulb Idea

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