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Here are some of the most common questions we are asked. 

1) Can I change the images on your products? 

Yes! We offer the normal changes on each card (logo, offer, contact info, etc). If you would like further customizations such as changing imagery, or changing the colors of the product to better suit your school, we can accommodate you for an additional fee. 

2) How long does it take to see a digital proof? 

Upon purchase you will receive a digital proof within 3 business days. (While we do process orders during the weekend we offer service support Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm). The best way to contact us and to do business is through email. It allows us to be very detail oriented and work in a digital system that ensures reliability. Contact us here or by emailing

3)How long does it take to receive my order? 

All products take approximately 10-15 business days to be processed and printed. Shipping is shipped ground UPS unless otherwise specified. (Please note print turn around time can vary during seasons - it can also vary due to weather which is out of our control. Ground shipping usually takes from 2 - 4 business days. Rush service for printing is available at additional costs (prints in 2 business days and ships on the 3rd) is only available now for some prints as well as overnight shipping. Contact us to find out a quote. 

Dojo Videos take 5 business days to be sent to you by digital download. 

4) What type of paper and finish do you use for printing?

We use top quality 14 pt card stock, with high gloss UV coating. For business cards we can use 16pt card stock for a great first impression. All prints are printed full color CMYK offset printing, and laser cut for a super precise low percentage of cut error. Brochures and printed on 120 lb book paper. 

5) How does it work? 

It's simple.
Find a marketing piece you want to purchase, 
fill out the form with your information, name, email, offer, 
and upload your logo if necessary. 
Click Submit. 
Not done yet, scroll down to the button below that says add to cart. 
Click it. 
Now do the same for any other products you would like (please fill out a new form for each product you chose) 
After you are done adding products, click the button that says check out. 
You can check out as a guest, or we suggest signing up for an account so you can quickly purchase products fast and easy. 
Pay for your order. 
That's it you will receive an email generated from the Dojo Muscle store system. 
Within 48 hours you will receive a digital proof for your approval. 
7-10 business days later (a good amount of time it comes quicker) you will have your Dojo Muscle products in hand ready to get the most response for you. 

6) What is marketing? 

Marketing has a lot of meanings to a lot of people. 
To us marketing is cutting through the noise and clutter with something unique and simple enough to get it's message into the right hand, most importantly to get those hands and the person they are attached to interested. Acting, moving, or responding to your advertising. 
That's what we do at Dojo Muscle, honing the sharpest skills in creating marketing that gets attention, and speak directly to the people your school is selling to. The Adults. The Parents and the kids. 

7) Why Dojo Muscle? 

Dojo Muscle understands the needs of school owners, our unique set of skills along with our unique relationships with top grossing schools allows us an insight that puts us at the crossroads of amazing design and artist skill, and time tested and proven direct marketing skills and knowledge puts together advertising that works on a one to one level. 
Big brands can afford to throw money at the wall, as a small business you need something with a high percentage of response, as well as affordability. Something that's more than the same run of the mill karate kick image, with no real thought behind the person looking at it, or the experience it is trying to sell. We do. 
Everything we do starts with the audience, perceiving who we are speaking with and what motivates them to act. 
Our entire process revolves around that ideal. We also know that awesome sales tactics with lack luster imagery and creativity will get ok results, we have seen first hand how awesome sales tactics and awesome graphics combined will produce AMAZING results! 

8) So Who Owns The Files? 

We do. All of the templates on our site are created to be used on a one time purchase basis. In essence what you are paying for is the usage of our template and printing. We have had in the past customers ask for files. Unfortunately our files are not for sale unless discussed and agreed upon prior to making a purchase. If you are creating full custom work (which comes with a price behind that) Then yes those files you do own. Customizing one of our templates still constitutes as a usage license and not ownership by the customer. We reserve all full rights of all materials on our site. We also understand that logistically (other countries or special circumstances) using our printers sometimes doesn't work, at which time we will discuss prior to purchase the logistics of getting flattened PDF format print ready files for one time use. 

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