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FAQ - Dojo Videos

Frequently Asked Questions - and of course answers! 

How does it work? 

(Watch this video!) 

What is the turn around time? 

It takes 5 business days for you to receive a finalized video. If you order was created after 12pm EST it is processed the following business day. If your order was created after 12pm EST on a Friday, it will process on the following Monday or business day. 

I am not too keen on the way my logo looks? 

We will place in the logo you send us. We will NOT do customization work to your logo. If you send us a logo with a white background that is what we will place in your video. If you want it to have no background please send us a PNG file or a vector format such as AI, or EPS, or a PDF (WITH) no background. 

What can I change, what can't I change?

You can change most of the text, you can't add extra text slides - that would throw off the timing. Plus keep in mind the nature of short videos time is of the essence, and being able to have something on the screen long enough to read is a very crucial part of it's effectiveness.

You can add your own logo.

You can not change or move around images. Not now anyhow. We will offer that later.  

You can not change the duration of the selected cuts, or the titling. What you see in the videos is what you will receive with the modifications plus the changes to the text and logo area. The reason for this is to ensure timing, as well as syncing to the music. Sometimes titles can be faster or slower.

Keep in mind we use at this time a generic form to gather information pertaining to your video. Different videos have different lengths and therefore they have different titling.

If you place information in the form that a title does not exist in the video you chose it will not be placed in the video. 

We are working to update the forms to specific videos. So if you chose a video that has no offer in it, any offer information you put in the form will be discarded. I hope you understand we are trying hard to keep the cost affordable for you. A LOT of work goes into these to get such high quality. Keeping customization and revisions low is paramount to that. 

Keeping this product affordable we are unable to do any type of customization work outside of adding a logo and changing the content in the text areas to these videos.

This is how we ensure we can continue to keep producing quality affordable products for you. 

I want to make a variation for the offer we run at various times, do I need to buy a whole new video at full price? 

Yes. Each video is considered a new video. 

Why is Facebook giving me an error when trying to use the full length video as an ad? 

We have created multiple versions of a video. Some are over the 30 second length. These can not be use as Facebook Ads Directly. However they can be used as a boosted post, OR as a dark ad. If you are looking to strictly run the ad as a FB ad, then please chose one of the shorter versions. 

What is the cost of your team coming down to my school and creating a custom video? 

At this time we are not accepting any external customers, all of our work is internally dedicated to bringing you the hottest videos for your school. If you are in the NJ / NY area we can however help you with a brother company services, contact us about it. 

So give me the run down...

Ok, so there is usually a full length video, and 2 edits that are shorter 15 second social media ads that also go along with it. One is usually a harder sell (with an offer) and one shortened cut is usually a softer sell without a offer but with a call to action. Using all 3 is a great way to A/B test various videos in different areas and places.

Where is your phone number?  

We don't have one! :) We are committed to excellence in customer service and response time for emails will be extremely short. Our team is small and fielding phone calls would really hinder us being able to remain small, give you the best quality edits, and keep the price affordable. 

Contact us here.

Call Me At...

Sorry at this time we are not making outbound calls for customer service and questions. Instead we will be making ridiculously prompt email customer service and communication. Contact us here.

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