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Martial Arts Video Marketing for Social Media That Will Get Your School Massive Attention and Low-Cost Leads.

Dojo Videos is martial arts video marketing that attracts massive attention on social media with your school's name and logo. Martial Arts business owners across the globe are using them right now to gain more students at a lower cost than any other type of ad. We have developed these ads to meet the needs of running ads or organic promotion on social media.
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Semi - Customizable Video Marketing Made Simple

Over 5000 videos ordered!

We have sold over 5000 videos to over 1000 martial art schools world wide.
Look massively professional
High quality professionally shot and produced videos raise the perceived value of your business. Value is based on what you provide as well as the perception of the consumer.
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Built to engage and to grab attention
Dojo Videos connects on an emotional level and keeps eyes on your business. The more eyes on your business the better chance you have to convert leads into prospects. Martial Arts Video Marketing is the future, now.
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Facebook & Instagram LOVES Dojo Videos
Let's face it, in business you want a cost effective way to attract leads for your school. If you are spending a lot of cash on ad generation you are in a losing position. Videos on Facebook are the cheapest AND the most effective way to market right now. That is the might of Dojo Videos. Amazing results, affordable too.
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