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  • About Us

    Your mission: Help impact more lives.
    Our Mission: Tell the story of massive transformations you have in peoples live. 

    We create marketing materials that gets you noticed.

    The more people that notice you the better chance you have to convert interested people into inspired students. 

     One of the ways you benefit immediately is the credibility good design lends to any business. 

    Great design gives your business a very polished professional look, which adds instant credibility to your brand. First impressions are everything, and your first impression will be met with interest. It's your job to turn that interest into inspiration.  


    Our love for martial arts and a life long commitment to training is what brought us to you. 

    Designed for Martial Arts schools, by REAL Martial Artists.

    • Tested on REAL Martial Arts schools.
    • Marketing Strategy for each piece.
    • Competitive pricing. 
    • Amazing design!
    • Brought to you by the award winning design team at Pixel Mobb.

    100% Original Photography

    To stand out you need to be different, you can't just expect to do what everyone else is doing and get away with it. Our products are built with original photography.

    By shooting our own photos in a controlled setting, you get the best poses, a variety of ethnicity for your demographic, and proper technique. 

    Customize Them!

    If you are like us, you know the importance of quality branding and if you don't yet realize the power of good standards in marketing, stay for a bit we will teach you all we know and more! 

    Dojo Muscle offers free customizations including inserting your logo, ad pitch, offer, & contact info with every piece. 

    Or, if you are as serious as we are about branding, then.... MUSCLE UP!

    For a minor additional cost, we go even further to match your color scheme, demographics, fonts, as well as add on personalized additions. You can contact us before or after your purchase to MUSCLE UP!


    Dojo Muscle will affect you greatly.

    When you start using Dojo Muscle you will see a spike in people who become interested in your promotion.

    Marketing is not rocket science, it is however hard work, consistency is key. Design is the vehicle you transport your message or promotion in. You want it to turn heads. And thats exactly what we do.  

    Check out our product collections and don’t miss out on our seasonal specials.

    Dojo Muscle