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Leaders Look Like Leaders. 

You need results. As a school owner or coach you need something that is going to give you an edge over the other 10 martial arts schools in your area. Most of the marketing for the martial arts industry is outdated and lack luster it fails to connect your ability to change lives to students and prospects needs. Leaders look like leaders. You need to look the part. Marketing that increases your professional image, engages people and beckons them to act, is the marketing you need to prosper in the 21st century. We provide it. Starting with to the point emotional response copy writing, that is supported by world class graphics and visual. We take the best of both worlds and put them to work for you. 

One of the ways you benefit immediately is the credibility great design lends to your business. First impressions are everything, and your first impression will be met with action. 

Attention is the new currency. Dojo muscle pays dividends. The more people that notice you the better chance you have to convert interested people into inspired students and life long customers. Check out our products here. 

Marketing Tips

3 Tips To Crush Online Martial Arts Marketing - Some May Surprise You!

April 12, 2017

Revolutionary (not really) concept.
Completely botched by martial art school owners.

Delay the sale as long as possible!!!

WAIT WHAT? Brah do you even Market!?!?????
Yes! Delay the sale as long as possible. Something LOST in the MA world.
Everyone wants to kiss or (round home plate) on the first date. Fresh....
If you are leading with your offer you are shooting yourself in the foot. Regardless of how many people come and tell me about their magical paid trial number.
Yawn. Paid trial 10% Attrition 15% - "Not Winning"
SINCE most school owners are not running out to get new boxes all the time, I have to think this tactic they use isn't as effective as some people like to profess.
3 tips you can be using right now.

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Student Retention Beats Paid Trials.

April 03, 2017

A simple trick.

Something that is seemingly lost these days in the Martial Arts industry.

Student retention. 

When did it become cool to focus only on new prospects and forget about the people who have been riding with you from the start? 

The people who actually PAY your bills... 

I've heard schools having an attrition rates of almost 15%! Wow. 

These schools are the same schools focused more on getting new students than anything else. 

Of course getting new leads is important. But current student morale is WAY more important because current students are more profitable than new ones. 

Let's break it down.

A paid trial is nothing more than a free plus shipping offer. Old as time. 

Problem is most people running with this don't know their micro numbers.

And unless your numbers are dialed in really well you are probably losing money.

They look at macro numbers. Paid trials are loss leaders. Free plus shipping is a loss leader.

It is created to get a result and then in one fell swoop up-sell them to a higher priced program. Usually while their wallet is open. NOT 4 weeks later. 

And without knowing your cost to create that lead, the cost of the loss, the cost of the ad spend and your conversion rate and the cost of staff percentage to process that lead you really don't know anything except a number. Without the micro numbers you can't know the macro numbers like ROI. 

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