Marketing is like a Katana.

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If I gave a Katana would you know what to do with it?

Most people would say sure.

It cuts stuff.

You swing it and it cuts things into pieces.

Then you give them the sword.

And they start swinging it around crazily.

They hit things with it, and nick and dull the blade.

They realize. Wow. 
It's not cutting so easy.

Swinging it at some bamboo proves more difficult to cut through.

"Maybe if I swing it this way, or that way it will work."

And yet. It cuts but not without some struggles.

So then they test it on their finger and it slices them right open.

Marketing is like using a Katana.

To use a Katana right you need precision accuracy.

You need to know how to position your body, how to rotate your hips at the perfect moment, how to extend, slice through, follow throw and draw the sword back.

If any of those parts are not done perfectly the blade will not fully cut through the bamboo without extra effort.

Marketing is like this.

It's never about 1 thing. It's also never about trying something 1 time.

So many people they try something 1 time, it doesn't get the results they wanted and they deem it doesn't work.

When Katana and Marketing have worked for centuries. Even longer.

Putting that Katana in the hands of a master he can remove a limb from body, and head from shoulders, or slice through reams of bamboo like a warm breeze on the summer hills.

Because he knows the technique, and when to use it and more importantly how and why to use it correctly.

Marketing is just like this.

The Katana Works, Marketing Works.

But the right move at the wrong time is the wrong move.

If you really want to get results with any of your marketing.

You must have sticking power.

You must test and test again.

You must practice and train.

The black belt you wear didn't come overnight.

To expect anything to come overnight is short-sighted and unrealistic.

You must attack marketing JUST like training.

Marketing is like a Katana, the blade will cut skin easily, but to cut through something takes technique and practice.

Practice to see what works, but more so practice to see what doesn't.

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