How likes shares and engagement makes your martial art school more money on Facebook

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Big yelling a lot of gooroos do these days.

" Video views and likes don't mean money. "

Ah how wrong you are sir. Let me break it down for you.

Your ability to engage with people is directly effected by your engagement of current posts and your post frequency.

Well what does that mean?

It means that to REALLY get good traffic with your posts, your ads and your content you need to post EVERY day, consistently and post stuff that gets engagement.

The way FB works is they then go:

"OH look it here, this guy / gal she's on it, she's posting a lot she gets good engagement, lets show her's or a biz stuff MUCH MORE."

SO, in this case, likes and views actually do have a HUGE impact on your business.

Video views will cost you the least amount of money they will help build and prime your engagement - edge rank and when you do it with a video that is flashy and good looking you pay next to nothing to build an audience of people that LOOK JUST LIKE the people who currently buy from you. Ha try that with a FB Live.... :)

Unless you are a performer, chances are parents or prospects don't want to use their brain.

When watching something people are inherently lazy.

If you make them work too hard or make them stick around too long, they will get bored or feel like they do work and leave. It's why we created short impactful videos that work extremely well to get attention.

The more you get views likes shares and engagement the more chances your ads when it comes time to sell will get traction.

If you only hop on to sell every so often you won't get engagement or traffic because FB has said ah you are a taker. Not a giver.

FB wants to show peoples posts who make other people get on them and start to discuss.

This is the power of video views and building audience influence.
When you can master this you can master anything.

It takes a little time but if you only jump online to sell you will have a hard time getting ANYTHING to gain traction.

One of the things I pride myself on this is no one has the unique perspective of marketing the way I do in this entire industry.

Most people in this industry have MICRO eyes, I have macro eyes.

What that means is they are so focused on just this industry they don't get to work with people outside of it. And that makes them short-sighted small thinkers and not able to see trends.

It's easy to say what works for your school and a few others as a provider of service, but can you get 10 other types of business in 10 other industries results? That's the question.

We have done that at Pixel Mobb time and again. It's why people like Brannon, and Paul Garcia, Zulfi, Duke Roufus, and Tim Ferriss and Joe DeFranco and the Wu Tang Clan have entrusted me with their brands.

There is not a single person in this industry who has worked with champions of multiple industries the way I have.

I have a different perspective and are able to see stuff most can't see because they dont' have the A/B reference point. Or the ability to even have a A/B testing due to limitations and budgets.

If you want to really get good traction with EVERYTHING you do online.

Create a post schedule.

Stick to it each day.
One day could be a mindset, one day could be technique, one day could be problem-focused, one day could be FB live. But stick to it.

Adopt a 80/20 protocol - 80% giving, 20% sales.

Run ads for Video Views to gain traction and engagement. Then run ads optimized for conversion and retarget after you built a decent audience.

We are creating a new product with THE BEST of the BEST of ad people in the fitness game in Muscle Up. You will get it free. If you want to get a free 20-minute training on how to take this mindset further check out this free training on how not to be invisible online. 

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