If you aren't using video your martial arts business it will not be seen. | Dojo Muscle

If you aren't using video your martial arts business it will not be seen.

by Christopher Perilli February 04, 2018 0 Comments

instant credibility

You will not be found if you do not use video for your business. 

That’s harsh. I know. Because it is. 

Facebook dropped the hammer... 🔨

I been away filming dudes from the WU and the best in the athletic performance industry. But don't worry Martial Arts peeps I got you!

The selling tactics of using promo codes and selling points. That's gone. Just check the stats now of those ads you run that have a promo code and an image.

Facebook wants conversation and quality.

Imagine being able to promote your school with Hollywood quality videos that are built SPECIFICALLY for the internet and social media.

We just launched our latest product at Dojo Muscle called QwikBurst Videos™ they are 1080 by 1080 square videos and regular sized videos (these rank very high in newsfeeds) and around 10 seconds.

Built to capture attention.

Facebook stats show that you have 1.7 seconds as an ad to capture attention...

People scroll and this is tested which is crazy, the length of the Statue of Liberty with their thumb every day.

Facebook has tested that short quick ads work the best for when people are on mobile.

Mobile users make up over 50% of all users on the internet. 
Which is over 50% of the population using social media are doing so from their phone.

These ads are built specifically for that.

To prove to you how these videos work.

I am practically giving these away.

All 10 of them! 

After this, I will pull these and they go right into our video vault in the new Muscle Up program never to be sold to the public again.

If you really want to make sure your business stays in the spotlight you must use videos that make an impact. 

Click here to check it out 

You know what it's about we have helped over 600 schools worldwide. We will continue to push the boundaries because that's what we do at Dojo Muscle

Christopher Perilli
Christopher Perilli


Christopher Perilli is the owner and CEO of Pixel Mobb. Pixel Mobb owns Dojo Muscle, Dojo Muscle Up™ and Pixel Mobb Academy. He's work with top of Fitness, Martial arts and World Renowned Music Artists. Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and Wowmakers. Chris is an artist, writer, designer, producer and martial artist. Currently a Purple belt in Gracie Jiu-jitsu (Dante Rivera Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) - has trained Boxing and Muay Thai. His goal is to help as many school owners spread the greatness of martial arts to as many people as possible, while making your school look the very best it can.

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