What we learned about Martial Arts Marketing on Social Media for 2018 and beyond.

January 30, 2018 0 Comments

What we learned about Martial Arts Marketing on Social Media for 2018 and beyond.

++++++INFO ALERT If you don't care about the continued success of your Martial Arts School while marketing on social media then don't watch this video! +++++

If you are running a school and want to continue to grow you need to watch this video from 0-10 minutes.

Seriously my buddy Rob was at FB gathering in Brussels and this is what he learned.

A short run down:

1) Unless you are paying for ads your pages won't be seen
2) 72% of all content digested online right now is video
3) By 2020 90% will be video
4) Short videos work exceptionally well
5) People are watching on the B's Bed, Bath or Break. 
6) 70 Million People Are On Facebook. 
7) Mobile first. 2/3 of the people online and coming online will be using mobile

Images are dead, 
using promo codes as a selling point is dead, (that's been dead) notice the ads you run with images and how well they do. 
Short impactful well thought out high quality works better than anything when it comes to video. It's less about images or long-form copy It's all about video.

You have 1.7 seconds to make an impact on a viewer. The only thing that can do that is video.

If you aren't using video for your MA school you will be left behind. Not FB lives, real high quality well thought out video.

We are about to roll out the Muscle Up program. It's amazing and a complete game changer. 

If you want to jump on the list click here https://muscleupcalendar.com

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