Here is where the magic lives. - Dojo Muscle

Here is where the magic lives.

by Christopher Perilli January 03, 2019 0 Comments

Where Magic Lives

"I think cinema, movies, and magic have always been closely associated. The very earliest people who made film were magicians." - Francis Ford Coppola
Fool proof plan for marketing and promoting your business on FB with video (especially on your pages!)
Very simple. Don't over think it.
Use the 80/20 rule.
Spend 80% of your time having a conversation with people. Not a selfish one where you talk about your stuff, but a real one where you talk about theirs.
20% of the time making offers real time.
Use your page to talk and post about things, stuff, anything related to why your customers buy, stay, continue and change.
Video is king with this. Video is visual story telling. You can tell stories in a way that is different than all other mediums.
That's where the magic is at!
Tell stories, connect, share wisdom, have fun, be inspiring, be thought provoking just be you. That's all you need to ever do anyhow.
Want to sell, sell with paid ads on Social Media.
There is a free Facebook Blueprint that will teach you in 1 evening how to use the ads manager. Do a quick google.
If you are using your phone to post food pics, or cat and dog pics, and all of those baby pics (you know who you are! :) ) then I am confident you can figure out enough to wrap your head around ads.
Use more boosted / video view ads to tell stories, connect with people, share a message. Don't sell (you can elude to the program at the end of your video if it's live or if it's produced off the cuff).
Save the selling to paid advertising and you should be doing the connecting.
That's it. Spend more time connecting. Less time selling. You will make more sales. It sounds backwards but it works.
Use the proper tool for the job. Social media pages are mainly to connect sometimes to make offers.
Social media advertising is to help further connect and to sell.
Build your following like you are a large brand, speak to the world, not just your town. Speak to the whole world. Be bigger think bigger.
Use video! Use your own, share others, use stock, do FB lives. Be out there. Connect. Engage. Spend 1 hour a day doing it. It adds up. Just like mat time.
Without mat time. No mastery.

Let's also never pretend that one can remain a master without practice. Daily. 

Mastery is short lived.

Without CONSISTENT mat time, all moves and mastery is perishable. Keep at it!
If you need videos to help you fill the arsenal daily we got your back. Check this out. 
Martial Arts Video Marketing

Christopher Perilli
Christopher Perilli


Christopher Perilli is the owner and CEO of Pixel Mobb. Pixel Mobb owns Dojo Muscle, Dojo Muscle Up™ and Pixel Mobb Academy. He's work with top of Fitness, Martial arts and World Renowned Music Artists. Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and Wowmakers. Chris is an artist, writer, designer, producer and martial artist. Currently a Purple belt in Gracie Jiu-jitsu (Dante Rivera Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) - has trained Boxing and Muay Thai. His goal is to help as many school owners spread the greatness of martial arts to as many people as possible, while making your school look the very best it can.

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