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Getting out of your own Martial Arts School Owner Way.

by Chris Perilli February 28, 2020 0 Comments

Getting out of your own Martial Arts School Owner Way.

The amount of hacks tricks and tips I see daily is a little unnerving.

Stuff like. This. It is not good practice.

Make an ad or a Facebook live, make sure you post your pic and comment to yourself every few seconds to beef up the engagement of the post.

OR send it to your buddies so they can make a comment on your ad (essentially adding them into your audience corrupting your data)

OR send it to your coach so your coach and his wife who doesn't have any kids in your program can record a testimonial video for their fictional sign-up.

And in the same breath, these people will tell you using stock photos or videos is disingenuous. HUH?...

I then see people complaining about the / economy / who's moving in next door / how bad or disingenuous A/B/C Marketing is.

Has any of these people stepped back for a second and thought?

Maybe it's me?

Maybe I don't teach in a way that keeps people interested?

Maybe I am not teaching something that is relevant anymore?

Maybe I am not really bringing my A game?

Maybe I am teaching something that is foo foo and not really practical?

Maybe I am too old to be teaching and need a youthful staff?

Maybe I am not positioning my business well enough to command the prices I want?

Maybe I want to focus on everyone else - but the failings I am having in my own world

Maybe I am not working on myself at all?

Maybe it's me?

I will tell you this, the people who can ask those questions to themselves have a real bright future.

And the people who shy away from that constantly will always struggle and find someone or something to blame their inabilities on.

Look unless you are ruthlessly committed to seeking the truth and the absolute best for your customers - you yourself probably have holes you can work to patch up in your own game / world / life.

Every day I'll see about 10 different schools using these horrific tactics that will stick you in the mud.

I saw a post yesterday by a "copywriter" talking about making your classes so outstanding that people NEED then and scream from the roof. Sounds cute. He probably never trained any BJJ or MMA or Muay Thai where after you trained the last thing you are thinking about besides not dying is how you are going to drive home... Not tagging your friends in posts... Who writes this stuff?! Lmao.

How do you apply that in a real BJJ setting?

Because none of us who train post about our classes every class. That doesn't happen in the real world. 

Work on yourself.

It's simple if you want the best, work on the fact that maybe your skills need polishing, that your business needs polishing. Like I said yesterday, get out of this industry. Look around. Watch how people run stuff. Look at Orange THeory. Equinox. Big brands small brands. 9 rounds.

Stuff that is franchised and doing well. How do they do it?

They raise the bar constantly. Look in the mirror. 

Chris Perilli
Chris Perilli


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