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Email Marketing Tips For Martial Art Schools

by Chris Perilli March 09, 2020 0 Comments

Email Marketing Tips For Martial Art Schools - Dojo Muscle

Who said email is dead? Who uses email to set up their back end sales? I use Active Campain. I have been writing sales emails for 10 years straight. 5 times a week if you are on my list you know. This is my interaction rate. Pretty friggin high.

A huge portion of our sales at Dojo Muscle comes from 2 things - email marketing - and Blog posts. Both are 10 years deep of consistent writing. There is a science and art to writing emails and even copywriters botch it because they try to hard to sound either grandiose or too cute and it turns off their audience.

You want to sound like you - a real person, not a robot, and not Stephen King or Maya Angelou. Just a guy / girl of the people.

Some tips for leveraging email.

1) Work for the open NOT the sale - meaning your most important action is getting them to open your email. This is the most important part. Most people botch this bad. YOu want it to look like a real written message coming from you

2) Don't try and sell them in the email. Sell them on the landing page. You can have a call to action, you can have a few links too - but pitching in an email is pointless. What's the point of them clicking your link if you told them already what the deal or offer is. You can do this only when using behavior tracking and basically sending multiple sale / timed offer emails - but for the most part, you don't want to sell like everyone else. I learned this a long time ago from a copywriter named Ben Settle - another great guy to study is John Carlton.

3) Stop trying to sound overly smart or cute. Just be you. Mistakes aren't the end of the world. Typos show you are a human - I am not saying to intentionally mess up but if it happens just roll with it.

4) Tell stories - this is the bane of selling online - and almost everyone else pitches - don't pitch - spin stories instead. Pivot at some point to your CTA or offer but don't give too much away in the email. Remember your goal is to get them to click. They are not buying at that moment. Just build interest.

5) Talk to one person like you are in a conversation. Sometimes off the wall stories or emails work great. I use them all the time. If you are on my list I am very intimate with my emails and I get a huge response. A huge portion of our sales come from email campaigns.

6) track clicks and segment your list - track people's behaviors and segment your list so you aren't bothering people about stuff they don't want

7) Stop selling all the time. It's cool to give out offers but make these emails fun and connective, not pitchy or preachy.

8) Keep it semi-short - don't go too crazy with email lengths anywhere from 200-500 words I found works great. Any tips that you have drop em below in the comments. 

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Chris Perilli
Chris Perilli


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