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  • Easy Martial Arts Marketing On Social Media That Does Not Feel Weird.

    February 24, 2020 3 min read

    Easy Martial Arts Marketing On Social Media That Does Not Feel Weird. - Dojo Muscle

    Marketing and promoting your business online is not hard. If you follow these simple steps.

    Don't make it harder than it needs to be.

    You don't need some wacky solution process or some new "Cracked the code" nonsense - someone trying to sell you on something - that was broke 2 years ago.

    NO. Not at all. I'm going to break down all marketing for you in a few paragraphs. Ready? Good.

    1) Social media is a big party - online. Act accordingly.

    If you are running ads to people you don't know (IE Cold audience) they don't know you, they probably don't trust you and maybe they don't even like you - yet.

    Act accordingly.

    If you don't know the audience or they don't know you - it's your duty to make yourself known, warm them up and make them trust you.

    How do you do that?

    Well, many ways - first are being honest, genuine and real. In a plastic fake pretend guru world, realness wins. Matter of fact it is the magic behind why people come to you or run from you. They can't stand on pretend too long. They may pump people up but eventually, those people get exposed to what they are.

    1b) Stop trying to kiss people you don't know.

    Yep looking for a sale without providing some sort of value or connection is kissing people you don't know. Punch face city.

    Build trust. Give without looking to receive first. Pay it forward it will come back in the end. The universe never lets any sort of genuine paying it forward go unanswered. That person may not pay you back but someone else will. Believe that.

    2) If you are running ads have a conversation with 1 individual, not groups, not different people.

    Know your avatar's who is the one person you are speaking to. And talk to them. And don't TALK AT THEM. nothing turns people off at a party like 2 things.

    A) Someone talking at you - you know the guy who's constantly rattling his face off about you should do this or you should do that.

    B) Talking about yourself.

    I saw recently someone's marketing chock full of, we do this, and we do that for this long that's why you want to work with. The WORST marketing ever.

    No one cares. I know that's hard for some to swallow people are riddled with insecurities, desires, fears and they have little to do with you and their choices have even less to do with you and almost all of it has to do with them.

    3) After you do build trust, KEEP IT.

    Don't say or do things that break trust. Don't pivot on them. Be consistent. Stick with things and communicate when things don't go awry.

    4) Embody what you sell.

    There is, in my opinion, nothing worse than a faker. Someone who wants you to show up 3 classes a week, for 6 years but can't show up for 1 month for their own business. HUGE. Embody what you teach and preach. Live it. Don't just blab about it.

    This is the biggest one - people smell garbage from a far distance. Most people pinpoint liars internally way before their brain connects it.

    Nothing worse than someone who bows talks about discipline respect, all these key points and lives NONE of it in real life.

    That's it - in short, be a real person, stop looking for short cuts, be consistent and live what you are teaching. Spend more time on customer service than sales.

    Spend more time understanding your customers and less time talking about how great the thing you do is (it may be but they don't care only you do) and don't sell to people who don't know and trust you. Work to build a relationship first.

    Don't ask people to call you maybe before you really know them and know what they need.

    If you want to get leads and engagement online using the hottest new type of marketing which is video marketing - check out the Dojo Muscle™ Up program. People have been raving about it for 2 plus years. 

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    Chris Perilli
    Chris Perilli

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