Focus on Understanding, Connecting and The Sales Will Come

November 08, 2017 0 Comments

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Look around you. Everyone is selling. Constantly. All of the marketing is constantly trying to get you to buy buy buy. 

Your feed, your drive, even the radio and tv. It's no wonder why most marketing falls short. Everyone is inundated with pitches 24/7. 

Now I am not saying to NOT use marketing that has direct response. 

Use it. Our cards at do just that. 

You need that sort of selling and other selling WHEN the time is right. 

But people buy from people they like, they buy from people they trust and most importantly they buy with people whom they connect with. 

IF you are not trying to connect with them on a human level you are seriously doing your brand and business damage. 

The whole world is a pitch.

SO when you sit down at a table with someone or the virtual table of the internet and just have a beer, and vibe this goes farther and further than blatantly trying to make that sale. 

The sale will come. Do things that fosters trust with your market.

Do things where they get to see you are a REAL person with real likes and dislikes and real strengths and faults JUST LIKE THEM. 

Too many people keep away and keep sheltered from their markets and customers only to have contact with them in pitch mode. 

If you have ever spoken with me on the phone or in person I have never 1 time pitched any of my products.

I just listen and chit chat with you. I want to see where you are at and what is paining you so I can then help you. 

Without knowing how we are alike I can't understand your needs.

This is a must without knowing what makes people train at your school or buy from your business it's hard to know where the connection really is. 

Stop selling so much start engaging. Start listening start showing others the AWESOME person you are. Without trying to close the sale.

There will always be time for that.

But if you can make people feel, you will be remembered. 

Remember this. "People will forget what you said, they will never forget how you made them feel." 

Make them feel!

Use video, use the net, use email, use face to face, get out there and get connected. 

If the only contact they have with you online is ads promoting your product you are like everyone else. 

Don't be like everyone else. Be unique! Be you. 

And you will be surprised how many more sales roll in.

Let me be a testament to that. I have built 4 businesses just like that.

Focus on understanding, connecting and the sales will come.

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