Great testimonial for the Martial Art School Owner Video Content Creation Blueprint!

What's up Musclers? 

We are in hot and dry Las Vegas for the week learning from some of the best people in the internet world. 

And of course we just got lost in the hotels going in circles. 

We walked out of our hotel and make the wrong turn, well it's like a maze over here. 

We did finally get back by asking a bunch of questions. 

Anyhow this is exactly like marketing any business. If you don't know what you don't know it's hard to know if you are doing it right. 

We have a bunch of new products lined up and some really special announcements coming down the pipe for you. 
Things that has yet to be done right in the martial arts marketing industry things we aim to change. 

I received this awesome testimonial from Brian Nutter a school owner who purchased the Martial Arts School Owner Video Content Creation Blueprint and put it to use this is what he said: 

"I used the MAVideo blueprint to create this Youtube commercial. In less than a week, I went from 1 camper in our first week of summer camp to 5 campers.

And yes, we figured the chances of enrolling campers this late in the season was very slim. "

That's pretty awesome.

Like asking directions once you know what to do, it's not hard at all. It actually becomes fun, wether it's marketing or making videos or learning Jiu-Jitsu or Karate. Fun keeps you going. When it's a chore it becomes a bore. 

We dropped the price on the MAVideo Blueprint, to learn more about it click the link here: 

Speak soon! 

Multiple medium marketing kicks butt for Martial Arts School Owners.

I am glad so many people took head to our last email about print. If you didn't you missed out. 

Ah the digital age. I love the digital age.

It allows us to get students easier and faster. It allows me to create amazing video ads that get super duper attention at all points. 

BUT. Like anything when something is bombarded and overused it looses it's effectiveness. 

Now I am not saying Facebook ads are losing ground. But what I am saying is that if you are able to combine FB with Print marketing you have an arsenal unlike many others. 

Let me tell you why. 

When polled over 50% of millennial would request to have print still in their lives.

People have tried the nooks, the kindles and the iPad's for reading.

It in my opinion gave me a headache. Nothing is like real paper and ink. 

There was a study commissioned by the OIG. Postal Service Office of Inspector General. What they found is this. 

  • Digital ads were processed more quickly.
  • Paper ads engaged viewers for more time.
  • Subjects reported no preference for either medium.
  • Subjects absorbed about the same amount of information from both media.
  • A week later, subjects showed greater emotional response and memory for physical media ads.
  • Physical ads caused more activity in brain areas associated with value and desire.

Now to tell you another story. I have been working with internet marketers for some time now. And in that time we went from DVD's, to all digital. And NOW we are back to physical sales. 

Almost ALL marketers have confessed that physical stuff sells better than digital stuff. Why? People like stuff. They like to hold it. Place it on a shelf look at it and feel it. 

It's why FREE plus shipping right now is HUGEEEEEE. So huge Facebook is trying to cut down on ads that boast free plus shipping. 

Free plus shipping is basically when you sell something where a person gets it in the mail, but they only pay the shipping.

Russell Brunson mastered this and let me tell you it's absolutely obliterated regular digital alone. 

There is always a propensity to be lazy as a business owner or in better terms use whats working and forget everything else. 

That sort of sets you up for a bad crash. 

Truth is those people who are combining both print and digital will see the best results. 

Right now I know you guys heard us loud and clear because from last week to this week we have a HUGE amount of Valentine's day card sales. 

People realize no marketing medium is the end all be all. So just like a fighter if all you know is stand up when you hit the ground. It's going to be a long day. 

Jump on over to Dojo Muscle and grab your cards now by clicking this link 

I got a guy. Mixing your Lead Generation For Martial Arts Schools.

One of my friends from Brooklyn, his name was Gus (R.I.P.) Gus died a few years back at the early age of 34. Sad.

Gus was one of those street kids. He knew everyone. Gus also had a pretty big mouth. And was quick to get into a fight.

I unfortunately had to punch Gus in his face one night because he got drunk and was acting out.

Hey that's what friends do. Help each other. And check each other.

Anyhow Gus always had "a guy". He had a guy for everything.

If your phone broke he had a guy, if your car broke, he had a guy, if you needed to get fish he had a guy (Yes he had a guy who sold fish from Sheepshead bay out of his trunk...!? HUh? )

One day Gus' transmission literally blew up and fell out of the bottom of the truck.

He called his guy but his guy wasn't around.

So here we are sitting in the middle of 86th with a transmission laying on the ground stuck.
People blowing their horns. In this situation normally Gus would get out of it.

Good thing was my close buddy was a mechanic who had a tow company.

I gave a ring to Shawn, he picked up and got over to us in a snap.

All the while Gus was saying "man thank you usually I have a guy for this".

This story was in my head the other day thinking about Gus around this time of year. He was always a summer guy. Big belly with his shirt off all of the time.

And it got me thinking about something I saw recently at Funnel Hacking Live.

Like people, and like networking, having multiple sources of lead generation and multiple sources of income is the only fool proof protection plan we have for our business.

Having the ability to pull leads from here and pull leads from there will give you much better results over time than having just... One Guy.

Networking, and lead generation need to be on multiple fronts and in multiple ways to see real lasting success.

Dojo Muscle is committed this year to bringing it all together.

Having 1 home, 1 movement to build your martial arts school unlike anything anyone has put forward in this industry.

Marketing that is wildly successful, modern and forward thinking, shows your value to the world, AND most of all what so many of you have told me, KEEPS your own morals and values in tact.

It's a fun and exciting time. 


Martial Arts Guerrilla Zombie Marketers.

Hey everyone! I am a huge huge fan of the Walking Dead. 

This show is really more about human behavior than it is about zombies. 

But while we are talking about both zombies and humans. 

I noticed how certain school owners are very much like the zombies in the show. 

They are slow. Uncoordinated in business. And they follow the pack.

To the point where there could be a HUGE gaping hole in the side of a fence and instead of them seeking out the hole.

They push and push and gather in one location and put pressure.

Until the fence falls. 

And when it falls everyone is so gathered together they stampede themselves.

ALL the while there was an opening in the fence 40 feet away. But the zombies don't really think for themselves.  

They are often pushed forward by their thirst for brains.

School owners are often pushed forward for their thirst of students. AND you know what happens when the fence falls? Everyones standing right in the same spot. Even if a human meal was there. Not enough brains to go around.

This is the EXACT same thing that happens in marketing and in business. People follow blindly and never questioning why they are doing it or what they are doing.  They follow the lead of others, others who often only mastered manipulation over actual business acumen. 

And the MOMENT a noise is made in the forest. The zombies turn and drag their lazy butts in that direction. 

Now chances are if you have read this far. You aren't a zombie. You regard your brain as important and not something that should be a feast.  I am with you.

So this rant is about the fact that we all need to start making decisions for ourselves.  I can't begin to tell you how many times I have met owners who say things like:  "I just need to know what works right now!"

"I don't care about the future I just care about now.." 

If you don't care about the future you don't care about your success. 

Imagine Henry Ford said I just need a horse and buggy right now..... It is what works what everyone does and it's what I will do too because I KNOW it works.  The world is built on those people who have the guts and the gumption to do things that have not been done. To venture into the land of the unknown, and coming out a bit bloodied, marred with zombie entrails like a real BOSS. 

There is always NEW better ways to build your business and if you aren’t on the look out for it, you may be zombieing around.

The hole in the fence is wide open, and you and a few extremely smart and daring owners are standing right there.

May 13, 2016


Why I don't give discounts.

Hello Musclers, 

It is Friday and I am fired up to crush the weekend and next week. 
Summer is almost here so if you are waiting for products. Don't! 

I wanted to touch on something about discounts.

While we do offers from time to time and bundle promotions.

I am vehemently against discounting our products and our work. 
I used to do this a while back and realized it really opens Pandora's box. 

Here's the thing with discounts. It cheapens what we all do. It puts a black eye on it. 

It also dilutes the ability for us to provide for our family. 

I personally hate hagglers. People who come from a scarcity mindset are hagglers. 

Haggling creates an environment where one person wants what someone else has for less that what the person who is selling it has as a price ticket. 

Seems harmless enough but here is the danger. And the unspoken truth behind it. The haggler is saying in less than so many words, I don't believe what you have is worth what you believe, I believe what you have is worth LESS. 

This creates an unconscious lack of trust. And for you to make magic with lives you need trust above all. 

For me to make amazing design, I need trust. 

Now if a parent came in and haggled with you about your price, would you drop it? 

Most people who are successful business owners would not.

If you went to a restaurant and asked for a steak and wanted a discount you won't not get it.

You would not get it with the plumber, the supermarket, the mechanic. 

Matter of fact I highly doubt your bank who holds your mortgage will take half the payment. 

Or your landlord for the rent. 

If someone came in asked you for a "favor". 

You wouldn't because the "favor" we do for customers is simply helping their lives change.

Making them better.

For you you get them lean and disciplined.

For me I build them better brands that make other people take them more serious.

I develop their credibility and help them generate leads. 

THAT IS MY favor. That is yours. The favor is making the magic happen for them. 

The cost is simply entrance to the amusement park. 

Now sure prices differ, and you could find that steak you were haggling about at the supermarket for a fraction of the price, but you have to go home, spice it and cook it.

OR you could go to a less tasting restaurant and pay a little less but be left longing for a better taste. 

Same concept for you.

A student can go somewhere else that is cheaper but that doesn't mean it's going to be good it's just cheaper. 

The real problem is this, once you open Pandora's box, and do give a discount, that person or the people that know said person now all want a discount, every time. 

You have a skill.

One others do not have.

One others come to seek you out to perform magic with. 

You perform that magic.

And you charge them what you believe is fair. And you don't lower that price ever for anyone. 

When someone recently asked a coach i know "hey can you give me a discount" his reply was amazing. 

"No. I would never do that to you." I would never put YOU in a position where YOU are not fully invested and don't have skin in the game. I would never put US in a position where I can't give you MY ALL. Because if I can't give you my all, then it's pointless for me to even give you a little. And the only way for me to give you my all, is to be fully funded to do so." 

This concept goes for anyone in business. 

I know a lot of school owners who give discounts, and before you know it half their roster is full of "friends" who want what they have for less, they can't make rent, or payroll and eventually go out of business. 

Discounts as a promo offer works because it's the same for everyone. Everyone is equal. 

It is why we all wear Kimono's and look like we are having a PJ party in class :) 

But personal discounts are the bane of business.

Like someone coming in with a RED Kimono and a tie Dye belt because thats what they wanted.

It hurts everyone. Don't do it.

The victory goes to the man (or woman) in the arena.

Hello Muscler's, 

It is Friday. It is cold on the east coast. And days like today get me reflective of life. 

I wanted to just write this short email to say thanks. Thanks to you for doing what so many other people are afraid to do. 

Thanks to create a business that revolves around helping others. 

Because it is that very business that has effected my own life greatly. 

Without martial arts I was a mess. I was constantly angry and happy, sad and elated, joyful and sorrow. 

I was afraid. Like most people who walk through life. 

I was unprepared for an altercation, I was unprepared for the future but most off I was unprepared to harness the power inside me. That is in side you that is inside everyone. 

It takes a lot of hard work to do what you do daily. 

It takes a lot of hard work to travel the path most people settle on a job for. 

It takes a lot of hard work, blood sweat and tears to stay with something when times go bad. 

I salute you for that. For not only changing so many peoples lives but changing my own life.

Dojo Muscle was never created to retire or get rich from. While that would be a great look for me. 

It was to give my talents and skill to you. So you can give your talents and skills to others. 

So again. Thank you for all your hard work. 

I look forward to helping you more get out there and crush it. 

I will speak to you soon. 



P.s. (yes shameless plug I know) If you need anything for summer camps or beyond click this link get rocking.

Consistency is how you succeed.

To be a black belt you need black belt efforts.
Ok. Here is a bit of a rant.

I love martial arts. I love my people and I love my family and friends.

BUT I would be remiss as to not make a mention I see often with people especially some of them who I am close with.

You can not have black belt results with white belt mentality. Or you can't have black belt results without putting the work in to get to black belt.

Meaning you have to train and train and train to get to black belt. Right? We are all in agreement of that correct?

Same goes with your biz.

You have to do the work. Day in and day out. You can't pay someone to. Well you can but first you need to build all of the systems so you then know WHAT you are outsourcing.

And here is the issue I have.

People who want to outsource things to others before they understand and grasp the area.

Before they are capable of fully getting results.

You can't expect someone else to get you the results you want if you don't even know how to do it yourself.

That's just not possible.

That is like me trying to teach black belt level as a blue belt. It's just not going to happen.


So with that make sure you are doing the work, you are building the future you are working.

You can't work smarter until you know what that looks like.

The martial arts work is rife with people who want to tell you "YOU DON'T need to worry about that LET US do it you run your school...."


As a general or a captain you need to know how to run every post if something goes wrong.

Otherwise when someone gets ill, the boat crashes and sinks.

You don't have to be great at it.

But you have to be proficient enough to know what is working smart and what isn't.

Otherwise you then are left at the mercy of Goo-Roo's. Goo-Roo's who care more about their pocket lining then your success.

It's dangerous to outsource areas of your business you do not understand to someone and "throw money at it".

Simply because if they fail you are back to square one, and still are left at the mercy of others.

I used to be at the mercy of accountants.

I didn't know book keeping and HATEDDD it.

I didn't want any part of it.

But it's like saying I only want to win Gold Medals.


BUT I HATE having to train past exhaustion.

Well. Then..

You won't win gold medals.

Hope this message inspired you to take a look at your business.

You can't ONLY work smarter when you KNOW what working smarter REALLY is for you.

And it's different for every person.

So remember get on it, be consistent, and crush it!

Speak soon,