Consistency is how you succeed.

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To be a black belt you need black belt efforts.
Ok. Here is a bit of a rant.

I love martial arts. I love my people and I love my family and friends.

BUT I would be remiss as to not make a mention I see often with people especially some of them who I am close with.

You can not have black belt results with white belt mentality. Or you can't have black belt results without putting the work in to get to black belt.

Meaning you have to train and train and train to get to black belt. Right? We are all in agreement of that correct?

Same goes with your biz.

You have to do the work. Day in and day out. You can't pay someone to. Well you can but first you need to build all of the systems so you then know WHAT you are outsourcing.

And here is the issue I have.

People who want to outsource things to others before they understand and grasp the area.

Before they are capable of fully getting results.

You can't expect someone else to get you the results you want if you don't even know how to do it yourself.

That's just not possible.

That is like me trying to teach black belt level as a blue belt. It's just not going to happen.


So with that make sure you are doing the work, you are building the future you are working.

You can't work smarter until you know what that looks like.

The martial arts work is rife with people who want to tell you "YOU DON'T need to worry about that LET US do it you run your school...."


As a general or a captain you need to know how to run every post if something goes wrong.

Otherwise when someone gets ill, the boat crashes and sinks.

You don't have to be great at it.

But you have to be proficient enough to know what is working smart and what isn't.

Otherwise you then are left at the mercy of Goo-Roo's. Goo-Roo's who care more about their pocket lining then your success.

It's dangerous to outsource areas of your business you do not understand to someone and "throw money at it".

Simply because if they fail you are back to square one, and still are left at the mercy of others.

I used to be at the mercy of accountants.

I didn't know book keeping and HATEDDD it.

I didn't want any part of it.

But it's like saying I only want to win Gold Medals.


BUT I HATE having to train past exhaustion.

Well. Then..

You won't win gold medals.

Hope this message inspired you to take a look at your business.

You can't ONLY work smarter when you KNOW what working smarter REALLY is for you.

And it's different for every person.

So remember get on it, be consistent, and crush it!

Speak soon,


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