What drives you?

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Martial Arts Marketing

Let me tell you a little story about competition.

Competition can be great it can bring you up to your highest height. But if you let competition consume you it can make you arrogant and someone no one likes to be around.

There is 2 guys, let's name them Lou and David.

Both guys love to compete they love to build their skills and they love to build their business.

Lou likes to compete because he feels it gives him an edge. He's humble, smart, strong and skillful.

He's aggressive when needs to be but is usually cool most of the other times. He sees competitors as a way to raise all the ships around him. A necessary thing. He thinks he's is one of the best and when in the company of other bests he doesn't act out. He is confident in his ability and who he is. He is comfortable in his own skin.

He's a man of the people. He lives for the game. It lights a fire under him, He has respect for his competitors, and he loves a good fight. Even if it's virtual or in training or wherever. He will debate you all day and night but he stays respectful.

He wants to see people grow and people flourish. He does want to be the best at what he does but he has morals and he plays fair and within the lines. Lou even shakes the hands of some of his competitors and are friends in social settings. He loves to just be in the arena. Everyone who meets him loves him, he's liked, and is easy to get along with. People speak highly of him and say the same thing - Lou he's a good guy, he will do anything for you, just don't compete with him because he's an animal :)

David he too is a competitor, however, what drives him is not the same thing that drives Lou. David is insecure, and small-minded, even if he is rich and has lots of nice things.

He's petty, he sees competition as something he must crush defeat and embarrass. He pretends to be a man of the people but really he's a man of himself.

Selfish self-centered, egomaniac, who can't allow any competitor to come into his range. Simply because behind all of the cars, and money, and show lives a small insecure man. One who would pretend to be someone of the people but stab others in the back the moment it would benefit him.

He has no respect for others because he believes he's the alpha and omega (while internally in his darkest thoughts, he is fearful of being enough) He doesn't love competition he sees it as a thing to destroy he doesn't love to be in the game because his ego is fragile and he loses it diminishes who he is. So he pretends to everyone that he's great, and a humanitarianism but under it all, he's angry, fearful and insecure.

He hates to be in the arena because he could lose and that would make him less in his mind. People speak lowly of him, they believe he's arrogant, an asshole, egotistical, and petty, his insecurity is so great it seeps out into every conversation. He talks bad about his "friends", because they have more exposure than him.

Every convo he needs to one-up you, to tell you how great and how much better he is than you. How much money he's made and how better he is than you. All to cover up the fact inside he's weak. When asked about David pretty much everyone goes, that guy is a jackass egotistical moron who thinks he doesn't' stink.

Both of these men are successful but only one is truly living life successfully.

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