Using informational marketing to enroll new students or members.

March 30, 2018 0 Comments

Using informational marketing to enroll new students or members.

UFC fighter and school owner Alan Belcher talks about using information as the driving force behind enrolling younger students or members to your martial arts school or fitness facility.

Talking about ways that martial arts or fitness will help students, is a much better approach then telling them about your school, your gym, your features or their benefits. Information is a way to attract a whole bunch of student prospects simply by giving valuable content out to the masses. This mindset is done daily on almost every blog you see across the world. This is the backbone of blogging. We use it often in the print medium to generate interest and build student / member base.

Listen to Alan tell you the way’s he uses this sort of marketing to get students enrolled. Then check out these awesome tip cards for more informational marketing.

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