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Target your competitors! Not just interests.

by Christopher Perilli November 16, 2017 0 Comments

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Here is a free video I created a bit ago on how to set up video ads on Facebook.

Recently I learned a new trick to really crush it with your video ads. 

Instead of targeting interests like martial arts, parents, etc, target competitors. 

When setting up your video ads you can target other pages, so if you are a BJJ school you can target all of the local martial arts school pages, you can target local softball clubs, you can even target a local dave and busters, etc. Anywhere where kids and parents would go.

Not all pages will be targetable so then you have to resort to interests. But give it a try. 

Grab a video to run as an ad here

Christopher Perilli
Christopher Perilli


Christopher Perilli is the owner and CEO of Pixel Mobb. Pixel Mobb owns Dojo Muscle, Dojo Muscle Up™ and Pixel Mobb Academy. He's work with top of Fitness, Martial arts and World Renowned Music Artists. Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and Wowmakers. Chris is an artist, writer, designer, producer and martial artist. Currently a Purple belt in Gracie Jiu-jitsu (Dante Rivera Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) - has trained Boxing and Muay Thai. His goal is to help as many school owners spread the greatness of martial arts to as many people as possible, while making your school look the very best it can.

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