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  • Paul Halme Master Marketer says this about Dojo Videos.

    November 20, 2017 1 min read

    Paul Halme Master Marketer says this about Dojo Videos. - Dojo Muscle
    I recently received a great testimonial for Dojo Videos from Paul Halme. 

    Paul is a master of online marketing. 

    He's getting leads for as little a dollar plus a few for his school. That's insane!

    He says this: 

    I use Dojo Muscle Videos to brand my gym in my area and use a retargeting system that is getting me leads for $1.28 off Facebook. These videos play a huge part in my marketing. I can't recommend Dojo Muscle enough. 

    You can't find leads anywhere unless your using video. The image ads are dying out. 

    Copy writing is cool but it relies on the viewer to read it and digest it. Most viewers barely have time to read anything on the net. It's why it's called surfing. 

    All of the old ways of marketing that you have been taught online is about to DIE. 

    And only Dojo Videos has the key to marketing online for the present and the next few years. 

    Everything else will die a slow painful death. 

    Don't say I didn't warn you. 

    If you want to be one of the action takers that stay ahead of the curve.

    Jump on over to http://www.dojovideos.com and grab a video and put it into practice yourself to see! 
    Christopher Perilli
    Christopher Perilli

    Christopher Perilli is the owner and CEO of Pixel Mobb. Pixel Mobb owns Dojo Muscle, Dojo Muscle Up™ and Pixel Mobb Academy. He's work with top of Fitness, Martial arts and World Renowned Music Artists. Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and Wowmakers. Chris is an artist, writer, designer, producer and martial artist. Currently a Purple belt in Gracie Jiu-jitsu (Dante Rivera Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) - has trained Boxing and Muay Thai. His goal is to help as many school owners spread the greatness of martial arts to as many people as possible, while making your school look the very best it can.

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