Old Is New and New Is Old

October 19, 2017 0 Comments

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When I started training BJJ I learned the clock choke as a white belt. My coach told me that people pick up moves depending on their body type or style sometimes quickly. 

I was never an arm bar guy. But I did really get on the clock choke and started to use it almost instantly. 

It was my goto move for a long while. Then my journey happened, and as a blue belt I all but abandoned the clock choke. 

Simply because I was working on new things and new moves. 

But with the clock choke I was able to tap out higher ranked opponents. I sucked for a long while in a lot of things in BJJ except the clock choke! haha. 

As time went on I started working on other moves like the anaconda choke, or the D'arce. 

However as people started to see my game overtime those moves stopped being effective. Because as I was improving so were my training partners. (That's the point of it all anyhow!) 

So when I revisited the clock choke again I started to really tap a lot of people with it. 

It worked really well because people stopped seeing me do it for some time. 

So yes my goto would be a clock choke in the gi. (These long arms (73 inch reach) are good for something :) 

I always remark when marketers and business owners jump on the latest "thing". 

We all love shiny new things. But sometimes the best strategy is time tested. 

While Facebook ads are crushing it right now and rightfully so people dump their money there. 

One of the pillars of marketing has been print marketing. 

And let me tell you it's not going anywhere. Anytime soon. 

Each year more and more people go digital. So that means more and more people run to the platforms to run ads. 

That means more and more mice are running to the cheese. 

As Gary V said guess what happens? After a while.. There is no more cheese. 

And marketers soon kill that strategy by overuse. 

The BEST strategy is a well rounded one. 

Right now a good deal of people are headed digital. That means your marketing will stand out when you use print. 

It's the nature of marketing I've seen the cycles but one thing that will never go away is the tangible feeling of print material. 

Where you can hold it, read it and smell it. 

Check out http://www.dojomuscle.com/ and surely it will set you apart from the rest of the people only doing digital. 

I find digital marketing to be great, but it also helps people be lazy and not focus on the multiple areas still in use to generate leads. 

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