How to get your martial art school more students by talking their language

How to get your martial art school more students by talking their language.

by Chris Perilli December 01, 2018 0 Comments

How to get your martial art school more students by talking their language. - Dojo Muscle

One of the best ways to get in front of customers is to talk their language. 

This is one of the most difficult part of marketing because you have to put yourself in their shoes. People are NOT buying martial arts. Not at all. And you are not selling martial arts. Not at all. You may be teaching martial arts and that may be the vehicle you use to do this one thing. 

But that's not what you are selling. 

You are selling - better. BETTER. 

Better people, better results in life, better health, better focus, better everything. You just do it via punches and kicks. 

No different than someone does it through Crossfit. Boxing. Wrestling. Jiu-jitsu, Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Sambo, Jiu-jitsu, Tang Soo Do, Hapkido and the list goes on and on. 

No different than a yoga studio. Hair salon. and many other businesses. 

You are selling a better life in one-way shape or form. 

Unfortunately and surprisingly many business owners do not understand or speak the same language as their customers. This is a problem. Because then there is a disconnect. 

Think about this, I know you want more leads, more enrollments, and more sales to help impact more people. 

You want that because unfortunately as in most monthly based priced businesses, people come and go. Move away and move to. Get bored, get hurt, get tired, or just get married and have a kid. Life happens. So that means each month you are losing people while at the same time trying to replace people who you lost and continue your growth. 

So that you can impact more people in the world, impact your life and your families. It's a valiant honorable thing. I think it's one of the most honorable things. 

To be able to do what you love, help people and make a living from it. 

That's your language. I've been building products around that idea. That you are sometimes fighting an uphill battle as churn and attrition is a real thing. It's a real thing in your business, in my business, at Pixel Mobb, and at Dojo Muscle Up™. It's part of the game. 

Parents their language is this: 

They want to know their child is safe, having fun, making friends, getting better, a being healthy learning skills and life lessons. 

They think like this:  
What will this do for my child? 
Will they be safe or get hurt? 
Do I feel safe about this place and it's instruction? 
Do I feel comfortable with their sales practice - is it pushy, or informative? 
Will my child want to come back? 
Will they have fun? 
Will it teach them social skills? 

You can literally run down that list and go - check - check - check - check etc. 

The issue is sometimes people are so wrapped up (rightfully so) serving people they don't spend nearly enough time figuring out WHY those people are buying and what impact that has in their life and in others. I get it I have been there too. 

It's tough sometimes to always be serving, AND selling and figuring out why and what you should be doing and saying. 

But that's the real reason we created Dojo Muscle™ and Dojo Muscle Up™ so you don't have to figure it all out yourself. 

This is what we do at Pixel Mobb (our parent company) figuring out why people buy and making them buy more. 

We put all new kids videos inside our Dojo Muscle Up™ program. 

It's been such an honor helping school owners over the years. 

We are looking to give you the tools to not only impact as many lives as possible (along with your own families) but to look professional doing it. 

Chris Perilli
Chris Perilli


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