Make the Most of the Martial Arts Back to School Season

We have put together a collection of customizable martial arts marketing pieces for the back to school season. Making the most of this time of year is key to sustaining momentum into Halloween, the holidays and the new year.

Whether or not you are using our collection, the most effective method for a local business to increase exposure is through guerrilla marketing. Defined as 'using low-cost unconventional means to promote a product of service', this type of marketing has proven to make an impact. As stated in Wikipedia...

The objective of guerrilla marketing is to create a unique, engaging and thought-provoking concept to generate buzz, and consequently turn viral.

For a Martial Arts school, this means you need a design that stands out & is cohesive from your the posters in your school to the advertising pieces making their rounds. You want people to recognize the campaign when they see it. Listen to how the UFC's Alan Belcher uses this method to grow his Martial Arts school...

For example, our collection includes flyers, ad cards, pizza box toppers, stickers, and door hangers with a cohesive look and message. For back to school, we have focused the campaign on how Martial Arts helps children do better in school.

Some are not even necessarily 'advertisements'. The Ad Cards for instance, are low marketing, awareness pieces. They are simply tips for children to do better in school, become a leader, improve their grades, show respect, and more. The feature the school's branding, and because they are educational, they can be passed around by your students in school.

The tips make a great impression on parents because they are genuine, promote success, and reflect the type of message every parent wants their child to learn.

Providing educational tips, combined with a cohesive guerrilla marketing campaign, is an effective method to make the most of the back to school season. Let the local area know the best place to train, and how much Martial Arts makes a difference in anyone's life.

What type of marketing works best for your dojo during the Back to School season?

Peter Normandia
Peter Normandia


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