Valentine's Day for Martial Arts Lovers

Ah, the season of love is fast approaching. If you were smart during the holiday season, you probably got a lot of new faces interested in your program. Now's the time to put that to use.

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity for growth for any Martial Arts program. We have worked with many successful schools that offer a special 'Valentine's Party or Class' where students are allowed to invite a friend or relative to join them for class. It's a great way for your student's to enjoy a special treat while helping introduce your Dojo to many new potential sign ups.

These special Valentine's Day invites are a great compliment to this marketing strategy. It gives your students something tangible to invite their friends with, like a special pass. It makes the children, both giving and receiving, feel special about the offer.

As always, we have Special Holiday Pricing (for a quantity of 1k)....
  • $65 (2.75x4.25)
  • $199 (4x6)
  • $249 (5x7)

Christopher Perilli
Christopher Perilli


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