How to Increase Enrollment this Holiday Season

If you own a Martial Arts school, dojo or fitness center, we don't have to tell you this is the season to be rocking!

First, the holidays are a great time to present your loyal students and parents with discounts, special offers, and re-enrollment packages. And then, the New Year is a the ultimate time to make a push for new business. Some dojos and fitness centers set their entire year up with the push they make this time of year.

The opportunity for growth is everywhere. However, it is important to remember that your competition will likely be making a push as well.

Just going through the motions with a plain flyer, or generic postcard will get you lost in the shuffle, and give little return on your investment. To make waves, you are going to need some MUSCLE to really stand out.

Have we got a treat for you.

Our customizable 'New Year's Resolution' postcard is an effective way to grab attention, stand out from local competition, and inspire action in potential students. Customize it to your own demographics, style, and school colors (only $50 extra).

Special Holiday Pricing (for a quantity of 1k)....
  • $65 (2.75x4.25)
  • $199 (4x6)
  • $249 (5x7)
Happy Holidays!

Christopher Perilli
Christopher Perilli


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