Learn the "Cavaca Lock" from a UFC vet!

November 06, 2017 0 Comments

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We have been hard at work whipping up the newest version of our Back to School Campaign. 

And it is amazing and I think you would love it. 

In the meantime while our team is at work on that, I spent some time down in Biloxi MS, with my friend and retired UFC vet Alan Belcher.

If you train BJJ or grappling I have some awesome news. 

We decided to link up with guys like Nathan Orchard, Brandon McCaghren, and Mike Sanford to create an incredible Leg Lock product.

Here is a free video from it called " The Cavaca Lock" which is a tricky ankle lock that sort of looks like a straight ankle lock but it isn't. Anyhow we just wanted to give you the video. You don't have to do anything at all just watch it. 

If you do enjoy it I just ask you to share it.

Warning though; BE really careful with this lock as it has broken and torn a lot of bones and tendons in the feet on a lot of unsuspecting slow to tap opponents. 

You can watch the video here 
To all of my Jiu Jitsu and Grappling friends.

This product has been a few years in the making.
At Pixel Mobb we teamed up with guys like Alan Belcher, Brandon Mccaghren, Nathan Orchard and Mike Sanford and just finished up Leg Lock Academy...

A new online product focused strictly on leg locks.

It's really amazing stuff and I am really proud of what we did here. Because of that we are giving you a few of the videos away for free.

Here is the first video. "The Cavaca Lock"

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