Martial Arts Businesses do you know what working smarter really looks like?

Consistency in Martial Arts Business or any success like in everything in life is the key to success.

Showing up. Doing the Work. The thing we all talk about constantly.

And the thing we hear from every coach out there.


Believe me there are days I would rather stay in the house and relax.


Sometimes it's taxing on the body.


Sometimes I am in pain, or injured. Sometimes I am mentally drained from putting in 10 hours of work prior.


But I know this, without putting the work in I won't get there.


And I REALLY want to be there. So I let my actions show that.


There are times it's a ton of fun. And there are times it is a ton of work.


I am not going to lie and say every day is a meditational day for me like some people portray training.


I love it. But there are also times it is definitely grueling.


I know I can not be a black belt in BJJ unless I show up week in week out and be consistent.


I can't expect black belt results if I don't put the work in and do the hard stuff the extra rolling when i'm gassed out, the mental stuff on the way home the taking care of my body so it runs optimally.


I can never pay anyone to do that for me. It must be me.


Same goes with my business. Or yours. 


Consistency and showing up with a willingness to learn and a willingness to be coached.


The problem we have today is this ideal of "WORKING SMARTER"


The truth is this.


You can't work smarter until you know what SMART actually looks like.


That is the key.


KNOWING what you are doing if it's right or wrong.


The idea about outsourcing these things is important you must outsource to grow.


However to outsource your systems you need to KNOW those systems.


In and out they have had to be built with your own 2 hands.


Fundamentally you need to if the engine rudder controller gets sick, know how to run the engine, or else the ship crashes.


You don't have to be the best, or even like it.


But you need to know it. All aspects of it.


In the past I spent SO much time, and effort to NOT have to do the work, because I hated certain work, other people do it, mess up, lose money, mess up again, to finally come to the realization that no one is coming to pull me out of the hole.


No one is going to train the Jitz for me. No one is going to write the copy and put the pages up and monitor them on a minute to minute basis.


EVEN if I am paying them to do it the right way they need to be on it consistently. 

Business owners are seduced with the working smarter mantra. But without knowing what that looks like you will just spend a ton of time and waste a ton of money. 

You need to know what a good kick is, looks like and feels like before you can really teach it to someone else. And you need to know why you are doing it for it to be effective. Finally you really need to understand what it is you are doing well BEFORE you can work smarter. 


Working smarter means knowing what you are doing in full. Only then can you truly outsource and not be at the mercy of others. 

Work - there is no way around it to be successful. It doesn't have to be a struggle, or a grind or a hustle, it just has to be long term consistent day in and day out moving the chains down the field. 

Let me hear some ways you are working hard, to work smarter in the comments below: