The Most Valuable Unique Selling Point In The Martial Arts Industry.

We have heard consultants talking about a great many things as of late.

How not to be a loser. How to not suck. How to be cool. Stop that nonsense... 

But we haven't once heard anyone talk about the most important part of selling.


It seems that in this industry people want you to cover up what who you are.

Or change it for something else.

Or worse try to water it down into a fitness program so you can get more high cost leads... 

Fit in. Fit in. Fit in. 

Who wants to fit in? I want to stand out.

Without standing out and without taking a stand for something you are in that very grey middle area. The area no one really pays attention to.

So I propose something radically different.

I propose you start to use your unique selling point and story telling by being YOU.

It's not really hard. You have experiences and stories I assume for days. Every day is a new story. Every day could be a new video.

Matter of fact if you think long and hard back a bunch of years ago there was one of the most interesting and most watched show on tv about absolutely nothing.

Seinfeld. A show about a comedian who lived in NYC and had a few neighbors who were always over and the show was about their day to day stories.

Each day had nothing really too crazy going on about it besides the fact that it concluded at the end and had a little story or moral of the story in each episode.

That's it. And it was the most watched show at the time.

People want to be entertained. People want to be inspired. People want to hear stories of your life and others transformations.

You do something insanely unique.

I've worked in the fitness world for a decade. And I love it.

But Martial Arts, changes people from the inside out. It changes every part of a person. No other program does that. In fitness sure you lose some weight, you get mentally tough, you find confidence in yourself.

Martial arts teaches you about you. It confronts the demons, it confronts the fears.

It takes the weak and makes them strong and it takes the strong and it makes them humble.


I say show it all. Bare it all. Scars, faults and all. People will love you for it. 

To be great that means you have to do what others wont, do what others don't and you have to forge a path that is uniquely yours.

We live in a time where you can now tell your story and tell it through writing, print materials, video, and a multitude of other mediums at your disposal all for next to nothing.

You have to show you care. On all levels. Not just looking to get the sale. But really care. Helping others when they need it. If you too good to mop floors and clean bathrooms or too good to take phone calls of your consulting groups we are not the same.

On set I will sweep floors, roll cables, hold cameras, direct or produce.

I am not above anything.  I will ride in first class or sit in the last row if I have t

The stuff we need to get back. ASAP. 

One thing about me is I really care.

I try to treat the people who can do nothing for me the same way I treat the ballers.

This is MY USP.

My unique selling point. It's what makes me ME. And it's what people are attracted to. Or repelled by. Either way. I'm still going to be me. Today, Tomorrow and next month. 

I propose that you do the same.


Christopher Perilli
Christopher Perilli


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