Alan Belcher's Ultimate Guide for Using Tear Off Cards

June 22, 2012 0 Comments

In order to bring you the best, we have to go to the best. Dojo Muscle recently hooked up with UFC fighter Alan Belcher to bring you the strategies he is using to sign up a whopping average of 75 new students per month.

Known primarily for his UFC exploits, Alan 'the Talent' Belcher is also a martial arts marketing guru. He came to us with a laundry list of innovative tips and strategies he is using right now to build his thriving MMA school in Mississipi. The strategies are simple but effective, and can help any quality Martial Arts school build up their student base the right way. We will be bringing you all of these strategies over the next year.

The first in this incredible line up is Tear Off Cards.  In the two videos below, Alan explains step by step exactly how he uses Tear Off Cards to build his brand. The first video explains how to use Tear Off Cards in a referral contest.

The follow up video explains how to leverage your current student base and staff to create a VIP street team that takes charge of distributing the Tear Off Cards and getting sign ups.