3 Tips To Crush Online Martial Arts Marketing - Some May Surprise You!

Revolutionary (not really) concept.
Completely botched by martial art school owners.

Delay the sale as long as possible!

WAIT WHAT? Brah do you even Market!?
Yes! Delay the sale as long as possible. Something LOST in the MA world.
Everyone wants to kiss or (round home plate) on the first date. Fresh....
If you are leading with your offer you are shooting yourself in the foot. Regardless of how many people come and tell me about their magical paid trial number.
Yawn. Paid trial 10% Attrition 15% - "Not Winning"
SINCE most school owners are not running out to get new boxes all the time, I have to think this tactic they use isn't as effective as some people like to profess.
3 tips you can be using right now.

1) Give value first. Don't seek to close a sale.

Don't be a thirsty one.
Give so much value that by the time you ask for a sale they are like hell ya, no brainer... Create free courses, free content. Break it up into parts.
Give. Give, take. Give value in content, give valuable resources or lead gens THEN ask for a small sale. Give Give Take. Don't just drive them to a page where you are looking to sell immediately from an ad you were selling again with... Blah.

2) Facebook Pixel your pages, ALL of them.

If you don't know this or your site isn't able to run pixels .. Well... Um. Get a new site. Talk to Paul Halme Alan Belcher or Amy Bisaro Magers and they will help you out getting in a program that actually knows and uses this stuff. Learn FB marketing. And especially learn retargeting.
If you aren't learning this stuff. You don't like money.
This is how all of the top marketers like Russell Brunson and Ryan Deiss Frank Kern are making multiple millions a year.

3) Ads are best used to give value first. Over making sales.

Drive them first to a value giveaway. Or if you must drive them to a page, DIRECTLY to the page in question.
Keep your "scents" strong. BJJ ad goes to a bjj PAGE not to a landing page where the person needs to reselect the program. This is fundamental stuff.
How frustrating is it when you call customer service, press a number and then after you select they prompt you to start over?
OR worse when you start convo with a rep to tell them what the situation is, and they transfer you only to have to START again. Grrr.
Studies have shown for over a decade any extra click is a extra click to hell!
TO the loss of a sale. If it's a BJJ ad you are running, the page they wind up on should be the BJJ landing page.
But a better way to do it is to run a BJJ ad, to a piece of content with a call to action link in that page that sends them OVER to the landing page. Remember Give give take.
Or try this BJJ ad on FB, to a free giveaway, to a small trial offer (IN THE SAME sequence) Ad should do the 3 e's (give), free giveaway should provide value( give) - landing page (small sale - take) to sell.

Christopher Perilli
Christopher Perilli


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