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Unstoppable Confidence Krav Ad - ABD

Paper, Newspaper, Magazines, and local periodicals is still a HUGE way to get the word out about your business. It may even be said that paper is the new tablet. 

People are overwhelmed with technology. Paper still has a warm sentiment in many peoples hearts, and is often the first choice of reading. 

This ad is modified to your publications sizing. Please note that it must stay in the same orientation (half wide page ad) for this product.
If you need further customization please do not hesitate to ask. 


What you can change:

  • Logo
  • URL
  • Address
  • Offer
  • Paragraph

Size: Full Page Ad 8 in x 11in

Can be modified along this perspective only. 

Write your school address here.
School Telephone Number
Upload a high resolution logo here (If you want your logo to not have white behind it upload a transparent PNG)
Write your offer here. Remember to keep it short and to the point. Less is always more.
Changes to the copy in the template. Keep this short as we have limited room to place things so that a reader can read your card correctly and easily.
2 day printing turn around.

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