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New Years - Kick Start Your Year 2

New Years Cards - Kick Start Your Year! 

Every year the average person gains 3-7 pounds during the holiday season. With food, drink and time with family a lot of people really pack it on. Come January 1 there are litterally mobs of people who pledge one of their new years resolutions is to get in shape. Two weeks later many fall out of sync. A month and a half it is a memory to them. This is a great time to get people to sign up for your program. 

Using Dojo Muscle New Years Cards you can get people excited about your program and give them an offer they can't refuse. Help get new students into shape now. Use these cards to promote the benefits of your program for adults, or children alike. 


  • 4 x 6 (Great for handing out) 
  • 5 x 7 (AWESOME for handouts, or desktops)

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