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Kick or Treat Safety Tips Halloween Card 3a

Kick Or Treat! Safety Tips

Safety tips are a great way to promote your business in a direct but subtle way. Show parents and kids you care about their safety by arming them with these awesome halloween safety tip cards. These tip cards are sometimes better for kids to pass around school, as it is informative as well as promotion. You build credibility and protect your students. It's a win win!  

Halloween is a great time to enroll new students. Instead of giving out candy give these to parents or the kids themselves to hand to their friends. 

This card is a data card with no promotion on the back and subtle contact information.Your Dojo Muscle product will promote awareness and teach safety.


  • 2.75 x 4.25 (Fit's in a pocket) 
  • 4 x 6 (Great for handing out) 
  • 5 x 7 (AWESOME for handouts, or desktops)

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  • Customize copy & tips / bullet points on front / back (optional)

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