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Fitness and Fun Summer Camp Trial Pass 1B

This Spring Enroll MORE students! 

Summer Camps are a lucrative part of the year. They also help free up parents and allow them to relax a bit and enjoy the summer. While their children learn and have a blast in your program. 

Selling a fitness camp is an easier sell it will deliver to a much broader audience than those who want a more structure martial arts program. Tailor it however you would like. Run an offer, or have a call to action. Bring the kids on trips, and hold events. It encompasses more than just martial arts, it is fun and keeps kids fit.  

One of the push backs on summer camps from parents is that kid's do not want it to be "work". It should be fun and while fitness related, not in the structure of a curriculum like the journey to black belt. 

This Trial Pass is part of a FULL campaign. Using our pieces are a great way to market, however using multiple mediums, simultaneously will yield the best results. Grab the whole campaign and save a boat load of money right here. 

Trial cards are small, cute and impactful.
They fit in a pocket easily and are great to pass out to students, parents, or at events. Trial Card are great lead generators.
Printed on high gloss 14pt card stock and laser cut, they are printed and shipped right to you in a few days. 


To learn more about strategies and techniques for trial passes/vip cards click here.


  •  2.5 x 3.5

Customizations include:

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  • An offer of your choosing (can replace 'Sign Up Now')

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