Boot Camp Trial Pass

Free Passes for the Masses! 

Trial passes make it easy to use your current network to grow your school all year long. Have your staff, parents, & students hand out this customizable special offer to potential new sign ups on these stylish passes designed to grab attention.

To learn more about strategies and techniques for trial passes/vip cards click here.


  •  2.5 x 3.5

Customizations include:

  • Your logo (will replace Dojo Muscle logos)
  • Your contact info - website / phone #
  • An offer of your choosing (can replace 'Free Session' & 'Call Us Now For a Free Class')

School Telephone Number
Upload a high resolution logo here (If you want your logo to not have white behind it upload a transparent PNG)
2 day printing turn around.
Changes to the copy in the template. Keep this short as we have limited room to place things so that a reader can read your card correctly and easily.
If you need something done more than just text changes. (If you need images swapped or custom work)

Customizations Total: $0.00