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Back To School Superpowers Rack Card

Back To School Is the Biggest Enrollment Time of The Year For Your School! 

The back to school season may just be the biggest and fastest way for you to enroll new students.

Each year children across America and the world gear up to go back to school. Parents wind up going on a spending frenzy, preparing their children to become the next honor roll student. 

Over the last few years, budgets have increased steadily for children. Every parent is looking for a way to get kids to do better in school. One of the biggest benefits of martial arts is the direct link between training and helping mold better students who get better grades.

Studies show that children who train in martial arts do better in school, focus longer, and have better conduct both in school and at home. 

High impact visuals, and quick to the point slogans work better to convert interested prospects to loyal consumers.

Printed on high gloss 14pt card stock and laser cut, they are printed and shipped right to you in a few days. 
Give these a try and watch your enrollment numbers grow! 


  • 4 x 9

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