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Back To School Is the Largest Enrollment Time of The Year For Your School to Make More Money! 

The back to school season may just be the biggest and fastest way for you to enroll new students. Each year children across America and the world gear up to go back to school. Parents wind up going on a spend frenzy to prepare for it.

Over the last few years budgets have increased steadily for children. Every parent is looking for a way to get kids to do better in school. One of the biggest benefits of martial arts is the direct link between training and help mold better students who get better grades. 

This single bit of information is the golden egg for you to use to promote and get new students enrolled. These cards catch the attention of children and parents alike, immediately they understand the value that your school will have for their young ones. On the opposite side are is a small paragraph explaining the benefits of martial arts and your special offer. The outline the awesome benefits of Martial Arts to prospective parents. After all parents are the ones with the wallets. 

Having an introductory offer is a good way to get kids into the school get them to try out your programs. Once they are there your awesome programs will take care of the rest. We help you get students through your doors like no one else. 

Get kids and parents excited this back to school season to train at your school!  Grab These Back To School Cards NOW! 

We do not mix and match designs. There are better more sophisticated ways to market.
We pair our products for the most effective message to ensure the best chance of customers taking action. 


  • 4 x 6 (Great for handing out) 
  • 5 x 7 (AWESOME for handouts, or desktops)

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  • An offer of your choosing 

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