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Like a Vending Machine for Students!

Like a Vending Machine for Students! 

Face to face business is still and will always be the quickest way to close a sale. Getting people into your school is the hard part, your school signing them up is the easy part. You are great at it, all you need is tons of people coming through that door and you can enroll them.

Dojo Muscle helps you get them there. 

Your business is surrounded by a clientele that is within an approx 15 mile radius. Using traditional tactics such as print marketing, handed out, or strategically placed, will yield great results because it is done locally. Take them to conventions, place them on counters, use them in other business store fronts, put them on cars, give them out to students, the uses are endless. Affordable, effective, efficient, and most of all EASY! 

Dojo Muscle products are literally like a vending machine for students. You come, pick out your product, place your information in, check out and in 10 business days you will receive your Dojo Muscle products at your door.

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