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Custom Work

Need something custom? Something that fits your brand and culture? Great! 

We have to say right off the bat our custom team remains small, and quality oriented. Because this we won't be able to help everyone out. Custom design also takes a lot of time and has an added investment into the pieces we make. 

We have helped schools like Bushi Ban, One Martial Arts, TopKick, America's Best Defense, ABMMAC, Elite Martial Arts, Roufusport, Team Dragonstar and so many more top schools take their brand profile and align it with excellence in their community. 

Please note ALL custom work has a minimum of 10 day business turn around. 
Projects start at $200 an hour. If you are interested in custom work please contact us immediately. Dojo Muscle only takes on 7-10 custom clients a year to ensure the highest quality.

If your ad creation needs copy and imagery, there is also an additional cost for that. $200 an hour is for strictly putting together a graphical design. Full creation from scratch is on a quote by quote basis. 


Dojo Muscle

Dojo Muscle