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At Dojo Video's we love to shake stuff up. And marketing needs to constantly evolve. We know that a commercial was circulating for an insurance company that was emotionally based. 

So we set out to create a Krav Maga commercial that did the same. You will notice there isn't any selling at the end of it, there is just soft selling to get someone to react and obtain your link. 

In our parent company we have been doing this with great success and it has worked to sell millions of dollars of revenue for coaches and fitness people whom used to sell directly. Selling directly sometimes works, but emotion ALWAYS works. 

Here you have our latest offering for Krav Maga. What would your prospect do if this happened to them? 

We end it with your logo and your URL without an offer. This is an old way of selling, but what's old becomes new. We want them to feel, if you can make a prospect feel something you got them more times than not. 

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