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Back To School

Back to School, Read, Lead and Succeed EDDM 1

Every Door Direct Mail...Readers are Leaders. 

Back To School Is the Biggest Enrollment Time of The Year For Your School to Make More Money! 

The back to school season may just be the biggest and fastest way for you to enroll new students.

Children who train in martial arts have the capacity to do better in school, focus longer, and have better conduct.

Every Door Direct Mail is a new offering from the US post office.

EDDM takes a zip code and sub area of your choice and blankets every single mail box in it. Instead of trying to target used lists, you literally put a piece in every mailbox. Unless they have super powers they HAVE to touch your ad, even if it is to throw it away. This multiplies your chances of them acting on it. 

As a local business you get to target all of the surrounding areas you are adjacent to. You can contact the local post office or go here for more information about EDDM and it's costs. 

Get kids and parents excited this back to school season to train at your school!  

Grab These Back To School Cards NOW! 

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