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Branding is the secret weapon for Martial Art Schools.

by Chris Perilli November 02, 2018 0 Comments

Martial Arts Marketing Solutions

What's your secret weapon for marketing?

Branding is one of THE most overlooked aspects of a small business building but it's highly prevalent in the Martial Arts world.

Consistency and cohesion in branding are so super important and it's often so very overlook.

I think it's because as an industry there was a lot of scotch tape and bubble gum as businesses grew over the years.

It's not just about leads, and funnels, your brand says a lot about who and what your culture is about.

When you don't put your best foot forward what happens is people judge you.

Yes, we live in a world where people judge.

We are making judgments all day when we drive when we speak with people when we walk down the street.

Judging is such a negative word.
Let's call it assessing. We assess the world around us constantly - and we do it in milliseconds subconsciously.

Everything at this moment is being measured and filed as actionable or avoidable. Every second of the day.

Let me show you how:

Don't you assess danger on the street?
Do you assess a restaurants cleanliness?
How about how you are greeted at the door?
Do you assess a business by its reviews?
How about how the person who greats you how they are a dress?
Have you gone to a job interview dressed nicely in hopes of people assessing you as worthy and capable of that position?

If you answered yes to any of these above then you must know that others are doing exactly this to you.

It's highly important to use branding, not as an afterthought or something that you give attention to in bits and pieces.

Everything you do from your phone message to your clean mats to freshly painted walls, to the clothing someone wears, to all of the videos, and print, and ads you run anywhere. It all speaks.

If it's speaking 5 different languages everyone watching it will be confused and you will struggle to make the impression or rather the proper ASSESSMENT you are looking to make to your perfect customer.

Branding is the language you chose to speak to the world.
What language you use and what actions you do will make the difference between a customer looking at your business as someplace they must go, or someplace they must avoid.

The crazy part is you only have 1 single shot to do that. That's why branding is so important.

It's often the first and many times the very last time you will have contact with a person.

Better make that short window count!

Thanks for the picture Ron Graziano

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Chris Perilli
Chris Perilli


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