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  • How to Cost Effectively Use Video to Grow Your Business

    February 01, 2012 2 min read

    The following video tip goes over in detail how to cost effectively use video to grow your Martial Arts dojo and/or fitness center. We start out with tips on free videos even startups can create, and move toward the higher cost branding vehicles for established businesses.

    Video production can help:

    • Grow your student base
    • Establish Credibility
    • Warm up your web presence
    • Motivate your students and staff
    Below are some of the links mentioned in the video, and links to other helpful video production tips.

    Cost Effective Camera Equipment

    These days almost any smartphone that shoots video works great for content videos. They also make it easy to upload to youtube. If you do not have a smart phone, here is a link to cameras under $200 on google.

    Logo Stings:

    To give you a visual idea, here are some examples of various logo stings from our parent company Pixel Mobb:
    Logo Sting Templates for sale:
    • VideoHive (requires Adobe After Effects) is the place we go to for quality logo sting templates. However, you, a friend, or a student must have have After Effects and be proficient at it. Another option is to purchase the template and pay a company like Pixel Mobb an hourly rate to customize it for you.

    Video Tutorials:

    For those with the time and motivation to do it yourself, here are a few useful beginner tutorials to cost-effectively produce quality video content.

    Peter Normandia
    Peter Normandia

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