Monster Madness Halloween Trivia Cards
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Monster Madness Halloween Trivia Cards

Monster Madness Is HERE! 

This Halloween break away from the pack, with Dojo Muscle's Monster Madness Halloween Trivia and Tip Cards. Give out knowledge instead of candy, give martial arts instead of sugar.

Look let's face it Halloween has become a holiday that is rife with sugar laden treats for kids, that leave them hopped up and hyper like a banshee then in a fog like a zombie.

Obesity is a real epidemic why add to it? As a martial arts school owner you have the opportunity this Halloween to be different, VERY different than the rest. Give out these awesome cards with safety, health and funny trivia that will coax kids into using their minds full of thoughts, instead of their mouths full of cavity causing candy. These cards have all the answers on the bottom, and are easy to read. They come in a set of 5 different cards, each with different trivia questions and your school information and offer. Kids can use their brains and have fun, you look great because you are promoting health, plus you place your small offer at the bottom for a call to action. 

A certain Win/Win/Win. (Kids, Parents, You!) 

Rush now before the full moon and grab your Monster Madness Halloween Trivia Cards! 

These are one of a kind only at Dojo Muscle. 


Printed on 14pt high gloss card stock. This is the size of a baseball card. Easy to drop into trick or treat bags. 

Each set comes with 5 fronts and 5 backs that are different. 




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Write your offer here. Remember to keep it short and to the point. Less is always more.

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