The Most Important Part Of Your Business Is Your Ability To Keep And Nurture Your Relationships With Others.

You may or may not know I just got back from closing out a mastermind in Vegas.

It was the first time I was a closer and I was so super excited to talk about some of the awesome stuff I learned.

Essentially I went over the content creation blueprint for creating videos. 

You see I am a marketer by trade this is what I do for a living. I have been doing this for tons of businesses for moving in on 2 decades.
I am not a business owner who decided to make some side money and jump on the bandwagon. 
Most of the people in this industry never marketed anything but their own business.
I get paid to market and create for other people.
SO my view point on marketing is very different than most.

Unfortunately having a limited view point of marketing in my opinion hurts everyone. 
I don't do this as a side gig. I do this as my ONLY gig.
In talking to 6, 7, and 8 figure earners I learned something greatly that day. The most important part of your business is your ability to keep and grow your relationships. 

Relationships with your employees, students, prospects, with the community, with other businesses around you.

That is the most important aspect of all business. Sometimes people get short sighted and look to put profits over relationships. 

This is a huge error in judgement. This will harm relationships. Essentially you reduce the relationship to the amount of money you will make on said deal. 

Which is never a good thing. 

Sometimes relationships are forgo because people are searching for a secret sauce. 

Relationships are the most valuable thing you have in business. 
Yet it is often so overlooked or put to the side in search of better "tricks".

Look you have a message.

You need to get it out to the world. Your message is different from mine, and from every other person reading this.

Using high quality marketing tools along with your own message and voice will get you the most bang for the buck. 

It's important to always remember that it's hard work to build on your relationships and fairly easy to tear them down if you do something wrong.

And sometimes you can't come back from what you did. So it's always better to put PEOPLE in front of profits. 

There is a book called profits first. I think the book that needs to be written is PEOPLE first. 

Without people, without team, and without relationships you have nothing in business. 

Never be so short sighted with your own need to make money, that you put that in front of the long game of relationships and their worth in business. 

Work on those relationships. The internal ones, the external ones as well as the relationship you have with yourself and you will see great things happen.

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Christopher Perilli
Christopher Perilli


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