Video ads on Facebook receive up to 135% more organic reach compared to traditional photo ads.

December 15, 2017 0 Comments

Facebook image ads are slowly dying. 

Facebook is making a hard core push with video.

All of the stats show that. All of the schools we talk to show images aren't having the effect they used to. 

– Video ads that are shared on Facebook receive 135% more organic reach compared to traditional photo ads. (Socialbakers)

Worse off you are being told to market in a way that puts your offer as a selling point.

Or puts you in a bad position. 

When you do this it makes you not really different than the school down the road.

Or the one 10 miles away. 

When you reduce yourself to a commodity it's easy for someone to come in and underbid you and put you both out of business. 

Don't do that. That's short ball. You want to play long ball. 

Dojo Videos is the only martial arts video marketing company for social media out there. 

And our results speak for themselves. 

Recently I had someone tell us about their paid trial awesomeness.

Unfortunately most people don't understand that paid trials are a free plus shipping offer. And if you don't know your Micro numbers your macro numbers like ROI and profit are out the window.

Often people are losing money doing these deals and they are only focused on the one number (Paid trials) that cost them cheese! 

Content marketing is a better longer lasting type of marketing. Content has a longer life cycle. 

So start now, start generating your own interesting content. And use Dojo Videos to supplement high production value high quality content and watch eyes on your programs explode. 

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